Presently, due to this unprecedented progression of technology, the cameras have reached a medium to take pictures. Different mega pixel smart phone cameras are now hand-in-hand. And so when we’re holding our moments in captivity by capturing the camera. But the thing is, what is the picture quality of the camera with the camera hands?In fact, if the picture was taken by taking pictures with the camera, then everyone would be photographer. That is why being a photographer is impossible, it is not impossible to do anything, but there are some techniques needed to hold good quality pictures. If you follow these strategies while capturing pictures, then you can also showcase some of the common issues possible by this photo. If you do not delay then know what to look like when taking photos on the mobile phone.


We will give you ideas on taking pictures of your mobile phone, so that you know what the captured picture quality is like. Below are some of the strategies discussed below


Some basic techniques of photography.

There are some basic rules in the photograph, you can find out more about the details of the Internet. For example, seven rules of the sun, rule of third – etc. By knowing these, you can easily set a good frame and you can catch the differences of the previous compositions after taking pictures. These basic rules allow you to tighten the base of your photography base and take these pictures into consideration and make it easy for others to make it more acceptable to others.

The importance of light to take pictures.

There is still a limitation on mobile phone cameras. Most mobile cameras are not able to take good pictures in low-light. So in order to take a picture, first select an aspect so that the camera can get the required light if the object is placed against that direction. In the case of a fixed subject you can try to change your position. In the case of ‘Silhouette’ photography, this direction will be reversed.

clean lens

Do not forget to clean the lens.

To use the mobile one has seen scratch (spots) in the body of the mobile. And because the camera is behind, the images at the top security level of the camera may also cause blurred images. Use something that can protect your camera’s camera. And if the scars are read, you can take the back cover (all models are not redone again) while taking photographs and take pictures. And, sometimes the dust or water vapor can be mixed on the camera’s lens, so occasionally clear the lens.

Avoid using the digital zoom.

Surely, if you take a picture while zooming in your mobile camera, then the image quality is mostly lost. Because digital zoom is used in mobile cameras, so if zoom is used, then the picture gets flattened and there is plenty of ISO in the film. So, try to take pictures without zooming. If necessary, you can take pictures of the subject as much as possible.

Find the right rules for using flash.

Now almost the camera unit of the phone has LED flash. You should be careful about using flash. Because, the option named Auto Flash that is integrated into the camera app does not work properly. It was seen, you are taking photos, in the light of the day where there is enough light. But the flash of your mobile still blows and blew 12 pictures in your picture. Again, when you need a flash in the dark, the auto mode of flash did not work. So, if you want to use Flash, you need to understand the need to use it on Flash or on Flash Off mode. And if you think the light of the flash is somewhat ruff or seems extra for a certain moment, you can use a white tissue paper in front of the flash, get better results. Especially, it is best not to use Flash in daylight light.

mobile phoographi

Learn the importance and use of the resilience to take pictures.

You can look at different options of your camera app, which can determine the quality and resolution of the photo. You can ask the question, ‘Why are you still given 640×480 resolution?’ Actually, you will not take pictures on the same basis. You can work with different resolutions for different reasons. For example, you want to send an MMS by sending a picture to someone. Then you can use pictures of small resolutions. Pictures of small resolutions are good but the quality is better and the memory is saved faster. Again, it is not as if you were taking photographs of the whole day and went home and transferred the pictures to the computer and saw that the pictures were all small size – that’s why this point was written.

For better pictures, know how to use White Balance.

Originally, mobile cameras can detect white balance very well, but the problem is that when you go to take photos you can use low-light conditions. So, taking photos to the low-light conditions to take photos, do not take pictures without taking pictures, give the camera enough time to focus on specific subject, get better results. You can also use different white balance settings, such as daylight, fluorescent, Claudia, etc. from the camera options. These will also help bring variations in your picture