We have different options for sending and receiving photos, all flexible and easy methods. Now we are using Drop Box, Warsaw and Google Drive and FTP options where you can get FTP links and send images to get them and there are wetransfer.
FTP file transfer or receiving is very flexible and easy method if anyone familiar with FTP then he can send us a request for an ftp account and then we will create if and will send the info to him. Image size is not a problem because we are using unlimited disc space on your for FTP account. When you will send us large size of images at a time then FTP is the right option. When we share a FTP user access with a client then please save it because its so secure access and its only shared with the client and with the clippingAdobe staffs.
you can use the email option for sending smaller size of images the email attachment allowance limit is 10 mb so use it for smaller size of files.
Yes of course we are giving you security that this images will not share with anyone.
we can send the images on any format you want.
Pricing is depend on image and design complexity and also sometime depend on amount of work. We will give discount or give a flat rate for bulk orders. For quick delivery price will be little bit high. We are giving special facilities for the regular clients.
you do not need to pay the money before completing the work. You will pay us when you will get the completed images to you.
When your work is completed then we will send you an invoice .we get payment on paypal also we have another options also. We have bank account so you can transfer money to that account directly.
Your wish, is our command. Let us know if you need your images in any special format, or any specific size or even file size. We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs!
Yes, if you wish then you also can. Those of our customers, who need our service frequently, they’ve the alternative to pay weekly or monthly. Every time you place an order, we contain an innovative thing to the declaration via all the features. As a result you know exactly that a lot of pictures we process and all the appropriate info proceeding to you pay.
yes you can send free trial to us very easily. By going this link..

>> https://clippingadobe.com