What Is E-commerce Business?
Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. E-commerce is being used in all types of business, including textiles, food, handicrafts, show-pieces, books, entertainment, gift items, utensils, home furnishings, construction industry, banking, electronics products, home furniture etc.
E-commerce type:
B2C: Business to customers. This service is like home delivery online shopping. Order the preferred item on the website and pay the bill online, the company will supply the home at the right time. There is bill payment, credit card, cross check, cash payment opportunity.


B2B: Online trading B2B service in two business establishments. B2B service is very popular in the world.

C2C: Online trading between two customers. Customer To Customer Service E-auction, share trading these C2C e-commerce.
To do business in ecommerce:
1. It must first be determined whether the product or service will be sold on an ecommerce site.
2. The issues related to the demand for the product or services that will be sold, the consumer and their location, the size of the market, etc. should be monitored.
3. How much investment is needed, how much to invest, how to collect money, write overall economic thought.
4. Break Event Point Analysis by analyzing the income expense figures.
5. Advertising on online marketing is very important. Through the various social media and other publicity campaigns, the customer will have to deliver the product or service.
6. Generally, a sale of a boutique is the main source of ecommerce business. So, the price of the product will be determined by calculating the cost of production or service of the product and the other expenditure.
7. Ecommerce Business relies heavily on accurate and fair management. Choose qualified people for server management, portal management, customer management, product collection and delivery management.
8. An efficient on-line sales team is very important. The most important part of online shop is the supply chain management. Choose the most effective and fastest way to deliver the product to the consumer.
9. On-line management payment systems are very important. It is very important to keep the customer safe and secure in business and secure money management.

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